Modern Gamer gets a level-up – Prologue

Original Story By Nik Porto


As a personality I am useless.

see, I was different than other kids already when I was an infant.

You know that babies like that someone holds them or plays with them, and it’s hard to make them go to sleep, right?

In my case, I’m the absolute opposite.

I didn’t want to be held: I screamed even if my own mother was trying to lift me from my bed.

And about playing, you wonder?
I liked to play by myself, far away from other kids.

And you know about the attachment of the baby to his parents, right?
I wasn’t even trying to check if I’m going too far away from them.

Quite the strange and problematic kid, right?…

And while being in 4th grade, my thinking procedures were exceptionally better than the others…

I thought that I am already smart enough: “why do I even go to school?” – I was thinking while in fifth grade,
“I can just learn most of these things by myself from the internet, if I’ll ever need it” – was my response to the homeroom teacher’s question of “why is it needed to study hard at school?” in the start of 6th grade.

…and the same can be said about my lazy & easy going nature.

because I was always getting 100’s (A’s) in all exams and in all subjects, and was receiving many praises from various teachers about my “vast knowledge” and “quiet personality”, My thoughts about the unnecessary school lessons only poped up more times.

In the end, or middle, of middle school (8th or 9th grade), I got a little shocked because the exams were somewhat harder to master, and I couldn’t keep up with the tactic of “not learning but always getting 100’s”, and understood that I really need to learn, at least a little.

I started to learn a little bit more than before, when I was clearly slacking off, running away from school just to buy coca cola or sprite, and go home get some more time for playing games on my PC.

Because of that kind of lifestyle, it’d be strange if I would still be on good terms with my mother, who was usually the one who was called to when I was causing trouble.

We argued every once in a while.

I was on the edge of losing my own paradise = internet connection, the sacred Wi-Fi, a few times.

In some point I started wearing glasses.
Was it because of my genes, from the side of my mother, or was it because of my obsession to PC’s and internet – I don’t know, and I doubt I’ll ever find out…

In high school my “pride” was still live and kicking, so when my homeroom teacher understood that side of mine, he started to keep an eye on me, and was also convinced I could do more if I studied “normally”.

No idea why he was so sure about that part, but maybe I really could do better with some more effort in studies.

“But hey – I don’t need to be a hard worker, right? I don’t need to do pointless effort” – was the thought that crushed my motivated spirit.

It’s actually pretty easy to become lazy, right?

And what do you think will happen if something “mystical” or “magical” or whatever will get me involved in some trouble?

This is exactly the type of story you will hear now.

It all started when…



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