Modern Gamer Gets a level-up – Chapter 1

1st Chapter. The New Real Life Cheat & The Dangerous Brat.

After living a year in high school, without making more than 2~4 real friends (because most high schoolers are scumbags and traitors, unworthy of becoming friends with such a unique person as me), the year ended, and it was summer break – the most awaited season of them all for middle and high schoolers that are sick of studying the same way over and over again every single day.

<at last, I can get some rest from those troublesome school subjects. Maybe I should turn on the PC when I come back and play some games? It’s summer break after all, it’s not like I’ll have any lessons tomorrow> – I was thinking while on the way home from a party I organized for myself to celebrate the start of summer break, late in the night.

– Haah, what a troublesome life I have… I wish I could start it all over again, from other point of time or world, even other social status.
[Request Success; you were granted the title “New Reincarnated Life Chooser”]

<Hmm? What was that? Did I misheard someone or was it my imagination?>
[Request Success; you were granted the title “System Doubter”]

– System… what? Who are you?

I looked behind my back, at the windows of nearby houses…

And I easily forgot about that voice, because I saw some cute little girl doing some strange dance in her room, with an open window at that.

It looked like some sort of a ritual, and she was waving around some kind of a stick.

It was so funny that I thought I was lucky to see such an embarrassing moment of a girl.

– Wow… why am I so lucky in my life? – I whispered with a grin on my face.

[Request Success; you were granted the special skill “Luck Creation”]

<Hmm? Another “Request Success”? hmm, maybe I’m always gonna get “Request Success” when something special happens>
[Request Success; you were granted the special ability “Infinite System Requests”]

Because I was a busy thinking this, I didn’t see that something was flying at me.
That “something” was a ball of light, like a ball-shape rock made from the sun light.

– what? Do I need to dodge?
[Request Success; you were granted the special ability “Shadow Dodge”]
[would you want to use “Shadow Dodge”? yes/No]

<yeah, I guess…>
[ability “Shadow Dodge” was activated]

And right after that short notice, when that ball of light was a few millimeters from my face, I felt that my body was moving on it’s own, successfully avoiding that strange ball, by swiftly and with absurd speed moving itself a few centimeters to my left.

I looked behind me, and what I saw was a terrifying sight.
The side walk that I was walking on a minute ago was somewhat melted, there was a clear hole in the center of it, like it was shot by some lazer beams from the kind you see in sci-fi movies.

– W-what the…

I was shocked.

Even though I was not really afraid of fighting a few bad guys, I was shocked to see there was something that could do that kind of thing to a side walk.

<Imagine what could’ve happened If I hadn’t dodged it…>
[Request Success; you were granted the special ability “Different Possibility Viewer”]
[would you like to use “Different Possibility Viewer”? yes/No]

<hmmm.. can I see that possibility later?>
[System Notice; you can see the different possibilities and your future in that particular possibility any time. To see the different possibility’s future and the possibility itself, please think about that possibility and enter the possibility inscription.]

– haah… now, then, where did it come from?

I looked at the building above me, and saw something very strange.

You remember that I was looking at a window where some loli was doing some strange dance, right?

Now, that loli is holding a staff like from RPG games, the type you see a mage carrying around with him.

– wha..
– y-you, p-peeking pervert!

<Huh? Is she the one who attac->
In the middle of me thinking “attacked”, fortunately I saw a few other light rocks before it was too late.

<“Shadow Dodge”, activate!>
[“Shadow Dodge” was activated]

Once again,
I got to feel that amazing feeling of moving at a speed skilled martial art’s practitioner could move.

Jumping high enough to break a world record just to dodge a light rock by my legs, and moving from side to side to dodge few more rocks while in mid-air.

A usual 15~16 years old teenager’s life event, right?

I completely agree with you,
It’s too fucking strange for someone like me to witness something like this from the side,

but I am currently witnessing it from the best seat.

The seat of the main assault victim.
Now I can say that life is hard, even if before being a full fledged adult.

Anyway, after dodging the rock near my legs, and dodging a few other rocks coming at me in mid-air, I got a little excited from all of it.

That loli mage got out of her house and was standing near the house garden’s entrance.

<Uwaah… it’s really fun to fly. Never thought I’ll be in this situation.>

And then, I heard the familiar yet unknown voice, once again.

[Request Success; you have been granted the ability “System Wings”]
[Would you want to use “System Wings”? Yes/No]
– hmm… yes, please!
[“System Wings” was activated]

In the exact same moment as the mysterious voice announced that the ability was activated, I felt that there were 2 strange body parts stretching from my back..

those were 2 black colored wings on my back, glowing dark aura emitted from them.

If you had checked the wings more thoroughly, you would have seen that the wings are not made from feathers like normal ones, but rather had many strange symbols gathered together, making a shining black color, but with a strange dark feeling to it.

I bet anyone who believes in satan would be crying in joy, thinking that one of the dark lord’s fallen angels came to bring the final solution, while a follower of a more respected belief would think that a heretic summoned an evil demon and is defying god’s will.

The standard scenarios of encountering a winged human, aren’t they.

– what… was that a high level magic spell?!?

The little loli wizard wasn’t able to keep a calm face after seeing me getting a pair of wings grown on my back in an instant. She was in a real panic.

<Good… I got my “revenge” from her. The revenge for scaring me with her magic attacks, or whatsoever.>

All I was thinking about was getting revenge for the time I was panicking because of the sudden light rock.
I realized something deep inside me.

<What.. haah, I got my revenge now, but.. why did I even get satisfaction from making a little kid panic..?>
[Request Success; you were granted the title “Revenge Bringer”]
[Request Success; you were granted the ability “Revenge Breaker”]
[Would you want to use “Revenge Breaker”? Yes/no]

<huh.. is that how it is. Well, if I use this system request thing for revenge it’s gonna become very bloody, probably.
Then, I believe I should suppress my lust for revenge>

– yes.
[“Revenge Breaker” was activated]

Suddenly, my lust for revenge disappeared, and I didn’t want to do anything to that brat.

– huh.. it’s like I didn’t have any anger towards her in the first place.. this ability will be quite useful for me in the future.

After that was settled, I took a glance at the trouble-maker who’s the one in fault.
She was trembling behind a corner between 2 houses.

<She… isn’t very brave. She’s only a petty little brat after all. Why did I even get angry? Even though she has some powerfull attack, she’s still a kid. And for attacking me, it was probably a stupid reason>

I spoke to her, while disabling my “system wings”.
It’s not like I’ll need them.

– Soo… YOU. WHY DID YOU ATTACK ME, KIDDO? – I said while kneeling next to the brat.

I was surprised how harsh my of speeking was.
<Hmm… it seems that “revenge breaker” was effective for certain extent, but not to 100%…>

– E-eep.. um, you.. were peeping on me, so..
– aah. So it’s that. Well, sorry about that. I just thought that it’s strange to do some strange rituals near an open window, even if you’re a kid.
– ah.. what?… you’re.. not angry?
– why would I be angry at a kid? Even with that much power, don’t forget that you’re a brat.
– I’m not a bra-!
– then Why didn’t you even close the window? It’s normal sense to close the window when you’re doing something that shouldn’t be seen by others..
– wha-, it’s, I just-!
– but it’s still your fault.
– we-well, maybe I’m a little in faul-, wait! Why am I the one in fault?!?
– tch.

<My scheme to escape responsibility has failed. Time for plan B: RUN!!!>

Before the kid regained her composure, I ran away because I had a bad feeling that I would be punished by her family members who might also have some mighty power like hers.

I don’t like taking risks.
It’s against my Motto.

And I don’t like to repent for something that I didn’t do in the first place.

– She assaulted me in first place.

I remembered.
I left my god’s liquor bottles there, when I started dodging the light rocks.

<tch. I need to get it back>
– haaah.

I was a few kilometers away from the brat’s house when I remembered about my cola.

– and I need to return either way… I can’t just leave my life’s health potions like that. It’s like suicide for me. Then return it is.
[Request Success; you were granted the special ability “Return Teleportation
[Would you like use “Return Teleportation”? Yes/No]

<Hmmm? What is the “Return Teleportation”?>
[System Notice: “Return Teleportation” is a special ability, and has 2 ways to use. The 1st way is to return to the past; it returns the consciousness of the user to his body in the past, to replace the consciousness of the user and can be used to change the past. Can only be used if the user has a certain memory of the needed time for the user. The second way is to simply teleport the user’s body and consciousness to a place he once were in. The only requirement is knowing the place’s name/nickname. Cannot be used if the user has been in a certain place, but doesn’t Know or can’t remember the place’s name/nickname.]

<hmm… if I go there in this time, maybe I’ll get in trouble… I’ll try the first way, then. Are there any names for the two ways in “Return Teleportation”?>
[System Notice: The first way’s name in the “Return Teleportation” ability is “Time Return”. The second way’s name in the “return teleportation” ability is “Place Return”.] – said the mechanic voice in my head.

– “Time Return” and “Place Return”, huh… easy-to-remember names.
<If “Place Return” can return me to that place now, it might be very useful… but there might be someone dangerously strong there after all that commotion. As I thought, it’s good enough. But wait, about that “Time Return” way? If it returns me to the moment I was trying to (put the blame on) lecture the brat, maybe I could’ve had enough time to take my bottles before escaping…>

– activate “Return Teleportation”, use “Time Return” way.


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