Modern Gamer Gets a level-up – Chapter 3

3rd Chapter: The Unexpected Outcome.


When the elevator was moving towards the 4th floor, I checked my preparations one more time, because I  was nervous and wasn’t sure of my success.

When I reached my destination, I was ready with everything: the “time stopper” had an activation signal, the “shadow dodge” was set on automatic mode (which surprised me how convenient it was), the “return teleport” had 2 different signals for it’s 2 different uses, and I was also equipped with the “body armor aura”, which protected my whole body and was an invisible to the human eye, nonetheless. Well, I guess only invisible for untrained human eyes.

– huh.. so it’s like that. – I said with a bored face.

There were at least 20 cops in full equipment, which were aiming their guns at me.

– y-you, d-don’t try a-anything funny?! – one of them tried to in a loud voice from the back, but was too nervous and bit his tongue.

Few more were also slightly frightened, but the others were as calm as water.

<so they’ve set up a trap, like I have suspected. And it seems that there are a few newbies between their ranks, so it might be not so strong group. Well, I’ll try talking with someone to lessen the atmosphere.>

– hey.. could you put those guns? I’m not experienced in fights that much to pose a real threat, so could you please hear out my words? I’m here for answers and maybe even winning a bet against the one who called me here.

Half of them looked at me with questioned faces, while the other half weren’t even listening to my words or were simply too nervous to hear me out.

2 or 3 of them were whispering to each other.

1st guy. -<Hey.. do you think he’s not lying?>-

2nd guy. -<Idiot, or course he’s lying! He just makes some excuses so we would give him an opportunity to make his first move.>-

3rd guy -<hey, guys… doesn’t he seem too calm in front of so many guns..?>-

After the 3rd guy said it, all the group were making quick glances at each other and at me.

<Damn… why did you need to say that out loud, huh??> I was wearing an angry expression in my heart, but I managed to keep the calmness on my face from the dark feeling within my heart.

-< H-hey, just now… didn’t you feel that too?.. that cold stare that makes you to want to run away? >- said another guy.

<..huh? was he talking about me?>

When I was questioned by the meaning of his words, suddenly we started hearing sounds of some footsteps.

-< …hey, captain. >-

-<..what is it. >-

-< captain.. didn’t you say we are alone in this secluded floor? Then who’s these footsteps are..?>-

-< ..I.. thought that it was one of you.>-

Once again, began an exchange of quick glances towards everyone, including me.

No one was moving.


It’s not us.

There’s someone else aside from us on this floor.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t normal at all, i decided to use one of my abilities, just to be sure.

< “different possibility viewer”, activate.>

[Please remember the time that you wish the other possibility would start from, and imagine the memory changed in its core, by an action that did not happened, as you’d imagine it]

First of all, I tried to check if my ways of escape were safe, using the “different possibility viewer” “future watching”.

The first vision that I saw was me knocking out all those cops by using this situation as a distraction:


<Hmm.. maybe I can use this situation as a distraction? Well, let’s try and see the result!>

After I’ve decided on it, I pulled the trigger of my sleeping bullets gun (which I created after researching a big amount of details about the mechanism itself on modern ones, and some more small details just to make sure I’ll be able to “copy” a fine sleeping bullets gun), and shot 4 bullets. the closest guys to me realized what was happening, so I couldn’t just ignore them, so I needed to shot them down first.

<Will I make it in time?> – I was thinking while reloading.

But it seems that I wouldn’t make it. – <..guess not.>

I decided to close my eyes, not wanting to see the blood which will come out from me at any moment now.

The bangs from their guns were heard in all of the corridor, as each of them shot at least 1 bullet.


I waited for the blood, to the pain, to the death to come.


The blood,

The pain,

The death,

Nothing like that came.

<…I was sure I’m gonna be killed.>

– W-what the… is this a joke?!? You’re kidding me, right?!? Right?!? – a voice that was even louder than the gun’s shots has reached my ears, as well as the ears of the cops.

I didn’t understand what they’re talking about, so i decided to check it, because it that I’m not gonna die at this moment like I thought.

I opened my eyes, and…

<W-what could make the bullets look like this..>

In fear and respect to the one who made those bullets like this, and who probably saved me from a painful death, I looked around…

The problem was that there wasn’t anyone behind me, nor to left or right. And the most interesting part was, when I looked behind me, I saw the elevator and the wall, that were full of holes them, which  wasn’t like that when I got to that floor.

– …huh? The holes… there are no holes in the center of the elevator.

Indeed, there actually were no holes in the middle, but the sides were full of them in a randomal way.

There was no normal explanation from the cops’ view for this unbelievable thing.

But my view was much wider, my view included the abilities that could be out there, and not just known facts.

Further more, I even knew what was it that protected me.

<The… “body armor aura”.>

That ability was an ability that protected the whole body, by making an invisible aura armor all across the user’s body.

The reason I forgot about this ability at all was because even I couldn’t see this aura armor.

– I’m.. pretty cool, ain’t I? – I took a cool stance like in “power rangers” and asked the cops.

-<Hey… captain, what are we gonna do? I don’t think bullets are useful after we saw that…>-

-<..Shut up. let me think it over again.>-

almost all of them were silent, except from the guy who was called “captain” and another guy.

nonetheless, everyone were staring at me, checking over and over if i really am without a scratch.

– ok, you’ve passed. Come with us. – finally, the “captain” guy said his conclusion.

We walked and walked in many corridors, which seemed like Walking along a labyrinth for me.

By the way, we used a corridor another than the one that the previously heard footsteps were coming from, so I didn’t get the chance to see what was it that made all of us suspicious.

– what’s “PLER”? – I asked the “captain” guy, who was actually the one in charge of escorting me to someone if I were to pass the test.

– you’ll… know soon enough. – said the captain, as he looked like he was about to die from a fear attack.

<Huh… suspicious, but let’s see what’s inside, then.>

I entered, but the only thing that I saw was an empty office without any window.

The door behind me closed.

– hello.. anyone here?

No answer.

– huh? Then why..? – I started to feel easy all of a sudden.

I also lost my conscience because it seemed like there was only a pure black color in my vision.

But I could still hear something that came in after I collapsed.

– actually, “PLER” means “Police Licensed Execution Room”. Enjoy your stay in hell, kid.

<That voice… it’s the guy who invited me here in the first place.. I’m.. losing my conscience>

[Possibility has ended]



The possibility ended there.

I couldn’t believe it.


I checked the second possibility, just to find out that if I’ll run away, my family will be killed, I would probably lose to my feeling of anger, finding the guy who called me but not only not being able to defeat him, but also losing my life against him.


The 3rd possibility was that I killed the guys who surround me, getting to the guy who called me, silently killing him. After that, I was on the run hiding from the cops.

After 2 or 3 weeks of hiding, I hear that my family was killed, getting the punishment that I escaped from.

After another week which I used solely for grieving over it, I hear that one of my family members was left alive because of a not publicly known cause, which I didn’t know myself. I got to the place they were keeping him, just to know that it was a trap. They’ve set up guards to make it look like a normal building that were guarding a hostage just like in mafia stories of kidnapping.

After I took out most of the guys, the place was blown away by a bomb. They’ve used their own people as sacrifices.


I checked other possibilities as well, just to find out that none of the ones i checked were ones where it’s a happy end for me.

I couldn’t keep up with this situation anymore.

I walked towards a drinks vending machine.

– h-hey, didn’t I say not to do anything funny?!?

– shut up. Let me at least drink my last cola can before that happens!

I was frustrated.

I hated to think that I had no chance of winning.

I bought a cola can, opened it, and took one long sip. On the moment i took my lips away from the can’s mouth, I heard it.

There was an explosion.

when I turned around, I discovered that…

All the guys were knocked out by single attack,

Which was summoned by a little girl, who was carrying a staff like in RPG games.

Yes, it’s her.

It’s that brat again.

<Ah? I don’t remember a possibility like that…>

maybe because I was busy over thinking about the possibilities in which I died or grieved no matter what I did, or maybe I just decided to ignore it, either way, the system was busy by its own work.

[“Luck creation” was activated]

[The 3rd step, “possibility creation” in “luck creation” was used]

[The “possibility creation” has successfully created a new possibility]

Those were the system messages that I didn’t pay attention to.

Anyway, the new created possibility was right in front of me.

The little girl that I have fought against on the night that I started getting all those abilities was right in front of me, standing there with a full herself grin on her face, and with an improvised “cool” stance.

– hey you, be grateful to me, your superior, that has came to save you… Hmph!

– ….. – I was left without any words after seeing how snobbish she was.

– you know what? You don’t have to say anything. It was really scary to be on your own against them, wasn’t it. Don’t worry, because I am here!


That was the only feeling that has resided in my heart at that moment.

– …you’re an idiot, ain’t ya.

She was looking at me with a face of “what did you say just now?” For a few moments, then, after her childish brain has finally understood that she heard it clear, she said.

– E-eeeh?!? Why did you say that! Aren’t you grateful?!!

– not really.

– huh?!?? Why?!?

– …didn’t you think that maybe it’s because of that attitude of yours, kid?

– What…what could you mean by that?!? – she shouted out loud, without any sense of tact.

– haah… forget it. Anyway, why are you here? Brat.

– I-I came to rescue you becau..-wait, did you call me a brat again!

– yes, what’s wrong with it? Brat. – I said with a face of “it’s totally obvious”.

– uuh.. why did I even came to rescue you.. – she was murmuring to herself.

– wait.. did you say “rescue”? Why did you decide to help me?

– well, that’s….- because I thought it would take some time to explain, i decided to get to safe place beforehand.

– hey, explain it later. For now, need to get out from here.

<Huh.. there aren’t any footsteps. Guess it was her who walked on the floor.>

And so, I have decided to try believing in this possibility that has appeared out of nowhere, that might have appeared for my sake, or for my destruction.

– I… don’t know what I need to do now. But for now… I’ll trust you, kid.

– hnn..? Did you say something? – the girl asked me.

– it’s nothing.

– hmm?? If it’s nothing, then it’s not something I should think about. – the brat leisurely replied.

<hmm? “If it’s nothing, then it’s not something I should think about”? Huh..>

– the kids sure have it easy these days. Let’s leave this place already.

I entered the elevator, and the kid entered after me. I pressed the button. The elevator has started moving. The sound of the elevator moving was quite refreshing for someone who saw own death countless times from his eyes, who felt the pain of not having enough fresh air because of poison, who saw himself getting shot at from bullets over most of his body, who saw the darkness that came after the last heart beat has been heard by only him.

It was a refreshing and happy moment, being in a moving elevator, knowing that I might not grieve over my decision, after experiencing many ways that in n early or a late stage I started grieving over my foolish mistakes. I was glad that it was not gonna be the same. I was glad because I believed this decision is the right one. I believed this is the way I should walk on.



3rd chapter end.


I hope you’ll my work. It’s my first one after all… excluding the pages of Russian light novel which wasn’t so interesting. Hey, no one didn’t even read the 1st chapter, not even mentioning the 2nd chapter.

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